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Wedding Celebration Ceremonies


Having a celebrant create and deliver your wedding celebration ceremony is a growing trend in the UK.

In our ever-changing world, many couples want to celebrate their special day in their own unique way without any restrictions.


The joy of a celebrant creating and delivering your wedding ceremony, is it can be held anywhere, at any time and include anything you wish for on your very special day.


I frequently get asked, 'where can I hold my ceremony?'.
The answer is anywhere you wish, have dreamt about or a place with meaning to you.

Having a celebrant opens a world of opportunity, as your venue or place of choice does not need a wedding license.  You can literally have your ceremony in a field, forest, back garden, beach, a venue, a hotel, at home or anywhere you have your heart set on.

Let your creativity and vision of your ceremony take you somewhere special and unique to you.


Wedding Ceremony fee £695.00
for ceremonies within a 25 radius of FY3, additional mileage is charged for ceremonies further afield.
I ask for a deposit of £295.00 to secure your booking and have exclusivity of your date. The balance is then due eight weeks before your wedding date or before the fist draft of your complete ceremony is sent
to you.


  • Exclusive booking of your ceremony date. I only ever take one booking per day, meaning I'm your celebrant for the day and if thigs run late it's no problem.

  • An initial meeting with you, either in person at your home or venue or via video call to talk through any ideas you have for your wedding ceremony.

  • I will gather lots of lovely details about you both to write 'Your Story' and give suggestions of elements you may like to include too. This will give me an insight to who you are as a couple and the style of ceremony you want.

  • I will then email your 'Ceremony starter point'. This will be your guide for the decisions to be made for your ceremony,

  • Support and help to write your own wedding vows.

  • Access to lots of poems, reading and symbolic actions you may wish to include.

  • Continual support, advice and unlimited calls and emails.

  • Unlimited redrafts of your ceremony, until it is everything you envisaged.

  • Liaise with your wedding suppliers and venue.

  • Meet and greet your guests.

  • Delivery of your ceremony.

  • A keepsake ceremony certificate.

  • A boxed keepsake ceremony script.

What's included?

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I only ever take one booking per day, meaning you have complete exclusivity of your date.

We will have an initial meeting to discuss any ideas you may have for your wedding ceremony and what you would like to include, this is usually at your home or the venue.

At the initial meeting we will talk through your wedding vows, you may like to write you own, go down the traditional path or have a beautiful blend of both.

I’ll add lots of suggestions and symbolic actions you may wish to include too. And there may be special friends or family members that you would like to have an active role within your wedding ceremony. I’ll gather lots of lovely details about you both and start to weave everything together to create your ceremony.

Following our initial meeting we will have lots of communication via phone, e-mail, text and WhatsApp as you make decisions on the content of your ceremony.

Once I have created your ceremony, I will  e-mail it over to you. At this point if there are any amendments, tweaks or elements you would like to add, together we can work on it until it is perfect for you.

On the day of your wedding, you will receive a ceremony certificate, a certificate keep-sake box and a souvenir ceremony script.


If you opt to include poems or readings for family member's or friend's to read, I will print and laminate them and bring them on your wedding day. It's one less thing for you to worry about on your magical day.


It is important to remember a wedding ceremony held by a celebrant is not legally binding.

These ceremonies don't replace the legal formalities, but are designed to be a perfect solution to many dilemmas.

Maybe you have your heart set on getting married at a venue that isn't licenced for marriage or you may wish to have your ceremony in a private house or garden. Your dream maybe to get married abroad but you also you want to share your wedding celebration with friends and family on your return or you may not want to get married in a church but do want to include religious elements.

If so, a celebrant is the perfect solution to you having the wedding you've always wanted.

The wedding ceremony follows your legal marriage. Many couples opt to do the legally binding paperwork at the register office week's before their big day, in casual clothes with their witnesses’ present.

They then, have the wedding ceremony they dreamt about, planned and created just for them a couple of days later.

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There are no restrictions to what you can include.

Many people don’t know, that if you are married by a register you cannot write your own vows or include any religious content.

By having a celebrant deliver your ceremony, you can include traditional, religious or cultural elements into your ceremony.

Couples often like to write their own vows or promises to each other, and if you need a little help, I’m here to assist you in writing what you really want to say to your partner.


It is my job to listen to what you want. By incorporating your personalities and individuality into the ceremony and putting all your ideas together, I can create and deliver your perfect ceremony.

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