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Frequently asked questions about

Wedding and Partnership Celebration Ceremonies

Civil Partnership

Why have a Celebrant create and deliver my ceremony instead of a registrar?

A registrar, have a limited choice of what can be included in your ceremony and what time your ceremony can be held, you may opt to have an evening ceremony.

It wasn’t until I was married by a registrar that I discovered you can’t write your own vows or include any religious elements. You can ask for certain words, poems, and readings to be included, but often there are restraints on time and around what can be said.

A Celebrant creates a unique ceremony that is tailor made just for you, no two ceremonies are every the same and there are no restrictions on content. It is a celebrant’s job to listen to what you want. Bu incorporating your personalities and individuality into the ceremony, they can create and deliver your perfect ceremony.

If I wanted my ceremony to have some religious element to it, would that be okay?

You can include whatever you want in your ceremony.

At our initial meeting we will discuss any ideas and suggestions you would like to include. This could be religious readings or poetry or maybe you would like to include a cultural tradition. The same would apply for those couples who want no reference to religion. This is your ceremony, which will be unique to you and will reflect your beliefs.

Will I be legally married if I have a Celebrant?

No, the legal bit has to be done in a registry office before your ceremony; it takes less than 10 minutes and costs around £125.00 in total. Many couples do this in jeans and t-shirts and they save the dressing up for the wedding ceremony.

You must register your intent to marry within 12 months of your wedding, and no later than 28 days prior to your big day.

For those couples who do not wish to legally marry, a Commitment ceremony would be a beautiful option for you.

Does a registrar have to be present at my wedding ceremony?

No, remember this is not a legal ceremony; couples do the ‘legal bit’ before the main event.

Where can I have my wedding ceremony?

Having a celebrant opens a world of opportunity, as your venue or place of choice does not need a wedding license.  

You can literally have your ceremony anywhere that is permissible. In a field, forest, back garden, beach, a venue, a hotel, at home or anywhere you have your heart set on.

Let your creativity and vision of your ceremony take you somewhere special and unique to you.

I have been married before and I have children, does that matter?

It makes no difference to a Celebrant how many times someone has been married or what the circumstances were. A Celebrant only cares about your wedding and will be committed to delivering a ceremony that is made and created just for you. For couples that have children, its often really special to include your children in the ceremony.


I want the whole wedding ceremony to last about 30 minutes; Is that okay?

Absolutely. A Celebrant is there for you and you only on your special day. Your ceremony can be as short or as long as you wish it to be.


Can old traditions and symbolic actions be included in my ceremony, like ‘Handfasting’ and ‘Sand ceremony’? . How can I find out more about them?

During one of the first in-depth conversations you have with a Celebrant, they will offer you the opportunity to include these and more.

If you know of a tradition that your Celebrant has never heard of, rest assured, if you want it and it is possible, they will research it and build it into your ceremony.

Do we sign any documentation during our celebrant ceremony?

Signing documentation during the ceremony is not obligatory but many couples do like to sign a commemorative certificate.

You can even choose to have ‘witnesses’ to join you to complete the signing if you wish. This is a nice way of involving other family members that perhaps were not part of the legal proceedings and of course it creates a beautiful photo opportunity for friends and family to capture the moment.

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