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Naming Ceremonies

Where can I hold my child’s naming ceremony?

Absolutely anywhere you would like.

You could have the naming ceremony at home, in your garden, at a venue or hotel.


How long is a naming ceremony?

That is completely up to you. Most naming ceremonies are about 20 minutes long, but they can be as short or as long as you wish depending on what you would like to include.


Can I combine my child’s 1st birthday with a naming ceremony?

Absolutely. As all parents will know our babies aren’t babies for long, and in the blink of an eye they are approaching their 1st birthday.

Many parents opt to combine their child’s 1st birthday and naming ceremony into a wonderful double celebration.


Can my older children be included in the ceremony?

Most definitely. Including older siblings makes the ceremony even more special.

The older siblings can make ‘promises’ to their brother or sister and depending on their age may like to read a poem or present a handmade gift to their little brother or sister. There are lots of beautiful ways to include siblings into a naming ceremony.


Can we have God parents or Guide Parents?

Yes. You can decide the title you wish to give to the special people you have chosen to have an important role in your child’s life.

They will make ‘promises’ to your child during the ceremony. This is your child’s naming ceremony and it is your choice what you would like them to be called. A few examples are ‘God parents, 'Supporting Adults', ‘Guide Parents’ and ‘Fairy God Mother’.

Can Grandparents be involved or included into the ceremony?

Involving Grandparents into a naming ceremony is a beautiful way to show your love and thanks to your parents for all they have done for you and your child.

There are many ideas how  to include them from dedicating a reading or poem to them, including them in a symbolic action to them making their own ‘promises’ to their Grandchild.

Can I include religious elements into the ceremony?

You can include anything you wish. A religious prayer or reading, a hymn or song. We can include as many different elements as you would like.


Do we get a naming certificate?

Your child will receive a naming ceremony certificate, certificate keep sake box and a souvenir ceremony script from their special day.

Unlike a birth certificate from the registry office, the naming certificate cannot be used as proof of identification.


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