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Commitment Ceremonies

Retro Bride and Groom

A commitment ceremony is the perfect choice for a couple that wish to publicly affirm their love and commitment to each other via a ceremony with friends and family present but don’t want a legal marriage or civil partnership.

The ceremony can be delivered in a traditional way and include the exchange of vows, rings, religious content and cultural traditions or can be completely different to tradition. I tailor make each ceremony for you, to reflect your personalities and beliefs.

This is your ceremony, your way.

A commitment ceremony can be held anywhere you wish, let your creativity flow and hold your ceremony in a place or venue that means something to you.

Some couples opt to follow tradition with a best man, bridesmaid’s, matron of honour and other traditions. Whilst other couples opt to completely put a twist on things with alternative outfits and the roles they give to the special people in their lives. There are no rules to follow, so you can do it your way!

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There are many reasons why couples don’t wish to get legally married, but still want to celebrate their love for each other with a ceremony.


A commitment ceremony is the perfect alternative to a wedding. A commitment ceremony is no less meaningful because it is not legally recognised. The ceremony is for you to declare your lifelong commitment and love to each other, and day to celebrate this with your friends and family that will create beautiful lasting memories.

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