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Funeral Services

Bespoke funeral services written with love,

sensitivity, care and support


Writing and officiating a funeral service is my biggest privilege and honour.

Delivering a colourful, uplifting, and positive service that makes you smile at the fond memories of your loved one is my aim.

The loved one you have lost held a special place in the hearts of everyone that will be at the service. It is my solemn hope that service we create together can bring memories with a smile and cherish the happy times you shared together.

As your funeral celebrant, I will ensure the service is written and delivered with sensitivity and care. Supporting you through the process and ensuring I capture the essence of who the person that you have lost was and that through the service we celebrate the life they led.


I understand that planning a funeral can be so difficult and overwhelming for you at this time of such great loss. I will help you and guide you gently through planning the ceremony ensuring everything you want to include is written within their service.

From the music that will be played, words of love shared, poem and readings and the person’s story. Capturing their loves, passions, their proudest achievements, who they were as a person and help their families to say goodbye in the most meaningful way for them.


I will be there from the moment you arrive at the funeral service and deliver a ceremony that reflects and celebrates the life and uniqueness of your loved one.

​A celebrant led funeral is all about what type of farewell you want on the day, there are no rules and no restrictions. You can include whatever you wish for, including religious and spiritually beliefs.


What happens next?

Whether you have been given my details by your Funeral Director, or have found me directly, I will guide you with kindness, support and professionalism through the creation and delivery of a ceremony which you can be assured will be a fitting tribute to your loved one.


  • I will meet with you to chat about your loved one’s life and gather key details and your favourite memories. Memories that make you smile, memories you cherish and memories you made together.

  • I will share lots of poem and reading examples if you don’t already have a favourite chosen.

  • If you are including an ‘Order of Service’ I will make the template including your music choices, poems and readings and if you wish for donations to be made in your loved one’s memory, I will add those details. Once the template has been approved by you, I will forward it to the Funeral Director.

  • I will write a draft script of the service for your approval, including your loved one's story or you may wish to draft the eulogy yourself if you prefer. The script can be rewritten as many times as needed until you feel it is just as you have envisaged.

  • Family or friends may contribute and speak at the ceremony, or I can deliver the ceremony in its entirety if you prefer.

  • You can choose to include religious content, spiritual beliefs, a prayer, a hymn or you may choose to have no religious content at all.

  • I will manage the ceremony on the day and support you.

  • I will give you a keepsake script to keep or share with those who could not attend.


I am also available for Memorial Services, Scattering of Ashes or pre–Funeral Planning.

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