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About Me

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A little about me. I am originally from Chester and after travelling the world on the high seas when I returned to the UK, I moved to the Fylde Coast. Which I now call home.


I have two beautiful and strong-minded little girls, who are five and eleven. For those wondering, yes, we left the frightening fours and entered uncharted waters with fierce & sassy five and a pre teen! So, if you are planning a celebration that includes babies and children, I am ready and prepared for the fun, joy, tears, laughter and calamities that come with children of any age.













In May 2015 I was married by a registrar. Our wedding day was everything we wanted but we were both so disappointed with our wedding ceremony. It wasn’t until we had paid and booked for our registrar that we realised the restriction’s that came with that.

We had put so much time and thought into our readings and song choices. As a blended family we wanted to include our children in the ceremony and wanted to write our own vows that represented us and our family. We were so surprised and disappointed when we received notification that our readings and songs weren’t allowed due to having religious content or religious words and that we couldn’t include our girls or have the vows we wanted.

As we were too far down the track not to have a registrar as it was booked and paid for, we went with it. We sacrificed what we wanted and followed the rules that had been set. It left both of us feeling really down heartened as it wasn’t what we had planned and wished for.

I kept repeating ‘If only we had known a celebrant could have delivered our ceremony’. The world of celebrancy became my passion. I read everything I could, researched celebrants in my local area, the North West, nationally and worldwide.


I quickly learnt that celebrants were a hidden treasure, and you only discovered this hidden treasure if like me you were researching after being left disappointed, you had been to a celebrant led celebration and curiosity made you research or you had lived in a place where celebrants are the norm. In certain countries like Australia, celebrants deliver the majority of weddings.

A spark had been lit inside me and knew I wanted to be a celebrant. I loved the idea of being able to create the perfect ceremony for people, without restrictions and rules. I wanted people to know having a celebrant deliver your ceremony was an option, an option people knew about before it was too late and they had settled for something they didn’t actually want. 


I am trained to the highest level of qualification available in the UK. I was trained by Civil Ceremonies Ltd; the leading celebrant training organisation in the country and successfully gained my

Level 3 Diploma in Celebrancy: Naming and Couples and I'm proudly now an award wining celebrant.


My background has always been working with people. I love meeting new people and taking on a challenge. I have over fifteen years’ experience in public speaking and hosting events. I gained training, qualifications and experience whilst working for Disney Cruise Line and I love a celebration!


For the last 12 years I have worked with people and families that are homeless or in housing need. My career and life experience have enabled me to meet wonderful people from all over the world and from all walks of life.


I absolutely love being a celebrant. No couple or family I meet are the same. To be able to get to know my clients and create their perfect ceremony, that reflect them and their personalities gives me the greatest satisfaction.


I can assure you each ceremony by Celebrant Ceremonies by Becky will be personal and unique to you. Full of emotion, love and a little laughter.

If you would like any further information or a chat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


It's my role as a celebrant to create and deliver your perfect ceremony.
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