A celebrant wedding can take place anywhere, at any time and include anthing you wish.
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Celebrant Ceremonies by Becky

Welcome to Celebrant Ceremonies by Becky.

I personally create and deliver bespoke Wedding celebration ceremonies, Commitment ceremonies, Vow renewals, Naming ceremonies and Celebrations of Life across Lancashire, the North West and beyond that capture the true essence of who you are as a couple or family.

If you want a ceremony written just for you, that reflects your personalities and beliefs, is guaranteed to make your guests laugh and cry happy tears then you need a celebrant led ceremony.

The joy of having a celebrant for your celebration, is your ceremony can be held anywhere, at any time and include anything you wish for on your very special day. Which makes each ceremony individual and personal.

I am an award winning independent modern Civil Celebrant trained to the highest level of qualification available in the UK. I was trained by Civil Ceremonies Ltd; the leading celebrant training organisation in the country and successfully gained my Level 3 Diploma in Celebrancy: Naming and Couples.

We get to know each other in the time leading up to your celebration. This makes the delivery of the ceremony so much more exclusive and meaningful to you on the day. As I can incorporate your personalities and individuality into the ceremony. So, come the moment you say 'I do' you'll have a friend stood with you (me).

There are no restrictions to what you can include. You can choose the wedding vows. readings, poems, symbolic actions & rituals and music you want. Your ceremony can be traditional with religious elements. It can be modern and include your love story or tales of parenthood. The ceremony can be unconventional, heart-warming, funny or a beautiful blend of everything mentioned.


It is my job to listen to what you want, put all the ideas together and create and deliver your perfect ceremony.

This is your celebration, so do it your way!  And make your ceremony a 'stand out' part of your day.

** It is important to remember a wedding ceremony held by a celebrant is not legally binding. **

These ceremonies don't replace the legal formalities, but are designed to be a perfect solution to allow you to have your ceremony, your way.

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I am am independet Civil Celebrant trained to the highest level in the UK with a Diploma in Celebrancey: Naming and Couples

Love in the Time of COVID-19

To all the beautiful couples who have had to move their wedding day.

You are not cancelled, you are not postponed.
You were on pause and now we've hit play again and it's time to celebrate!
You are going to have the biggest and best wedding day, surrounded by your friends and family.


If you had booked a registry ceremony or you are planning or have planned your 2022/ 2023 celebration please don’t think your only option is to cancel your wedding day if you now can't have a registrar on the day and time you wish.

THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE if you would still like to proceed with your ceremony and very special day, YOU CAN STILL HAVE YOUR WEDDING DAY 💞

With a celebrant-led ceremony, you simply split the legal paperwork from your wedding celebration ceremony to give yourself the freedom of experiencing your perfect day.
We will work together and I will create and deliver a bespoke and beautiful ceremony that reflects you and your partner.

And the best bit.... your ceremony can be held anywhere, at anytime and include anything you want!

Either before or at a later date you can arrange with your local registration service to have a what’s known as a '2 plus 2' ceremony (literally you, your partner and two witnesses), this will enable you to legally register your marriage.

"The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow"


My first 'lockdown' virtual ceremony in May 2020 shared on BBC Lancashire.